Peanut Butter Tofu


If there is one thing I love, it’s peanut butter (…and chocolate). In fact, I love peanut butter so much that I’ve managed to incorporate it into my breakfast, lunch and, finally, my dinner. As my baby sister B is staying with me this week, I’ve been cooking vegetarian meals so I thought it would be the perfect time to try out tofu. From past experience, tofu really is a hit or miss but this crispy, peanut-buttery version was definitely a hit with B and I and is sure to be a favorite in the wheat-free, dairy-free repertoire. If you’re not a fan of tofu, the Thai peanut sauce is easy and amazing (L and B both lurved it) so just sub the tofu for chicken or drizzle over anything oriental.




For the Crispy Tofu

– 1 block of tofu

– 1 tbsp oil


For the Peanut Sauce

– 5 tbsp all-natural peanut butter (*the runny kind!)

– 3 tbsp warm water

– 2 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar

– 1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce

– 3 tbsp honey



1. Begin by pressing the tofu. This is absolutely crucial because, no matter how firm your tofu appears to be, it will have water in it that you need to remove for crispy tofu. I put my tofu block on a chopping board and placed another chopping board piled high with textbooks (this is the intolerant student after all!) on top. After 8 hours, it goes from being about 6cm thick to 1cm thick.

2. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a frying pan on a high heat. You’ll know it’s hot enough when a trickle of water dropped in the pan sizzles.

3. Cut the pressed tofu into rectangular strips about 2cm by 5cm and place in the hot oil. Allow it to brown and harden before turning with tongs. Keep turning until all sides are golden and crispy!

4. Dab the fried tofu with kitchen roll to remove excess oil before coating with the peanut sauce. Serve with quinoa and kale for a super healthy weekday meal. YUM.



1. Whisk all the ingredients together. Add additional warm water until desired consistency (I added an extra 3 tbsp bringing my total to 6 tbsp of water).

*If the peanut butter is not runny, heat on a LOW heat to melt it.


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