White Bean Mash


How are your January’s going? I’m actually loving how busy the gym is and how keen everyone is to get fit and healthy- my friend E’s become a gym bunny, L’s going to come dance with me on Wednesdays and even H wants to come to pilates! Plus January has just got a million times better because L is back in London!  We have got a ton of new recipes to try this year so I’m super excited to get back to uni and our routine. First up though, ‘White Bean Mash’ (a completely guilt-free Nigella Lawson recipe, hallelujah!) I genuinely did not think I could love Nigella more but having watched ‘The Taste’ last night I think I fell in love with her all over again! And to top it off, this ‘mash’ is AH-MAZING.


– 3 tbsp olive oil

– 1 clove garlic

– 1 sprig fresh rosemary

– 1 can white beans

– Salt and pepper (to taste)


1. Put the olive oil in a saucepan and mix in the garlic. Add the whole rosemary sprig (or 2 tsp dried) and warm through.

2. Remove the rosemary and garlic. If using dried rosemary, sieve it!

3. Drain and rinse the beans. Add to the pan of oil and warm through.

4. Mash the beans to your desired consistency (Using a fork, the texture is ‘crushed’, if you want smooth use a hand blender)

5. Season to taste! And serve with pan-fried fish or chicken.

On another note, a couple of you have asked me what my staple ingredients are. I’m trying to be really economical (I am a student after all!) so this year I’m trying out a new way of shopping. Basically, I’m going to stock up my pantry once a month with my favourite basics. Big shout out to Alara Health Store who, not only are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, but also offer an amazing student discount. Londoners get yourself down! (I am in no way being paid to say this!)

– Brown rice flour

– Quinoa

– Rolled oats

– Brown rice spaghetti

– Brown basmati rice

– Pearl barley

– Green lentils

– All natural peanut butter

– Pitted dates

– Brown rice syrup

– Agave syrup

– 100% cocoa powder

– Veganaise

– Unsweetened almond milk

– Bread (Biona Rye bread and, when I can find it, bFree Brown Seeded Loaf)

It was so sad how excited I was to have nice full-cupboards!



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