Flourless Pancakes


I usually have these pancakes for breakfast if I’ve been to the gym in the morning as they are full of protein. They’re also super easy (only two main ingredients) and clean- nothing processed, no heavy flour, not even any cholesterol from the egg as we’re only using the whites. Also, you’ll be left with two egg yolks and rumour has it they’re the best natural conditioner!


– 1 ripe banana, mashed (the riper the better!)

– 2 egg whites

– 1/2 tsp cinnamon

– 1 tsp vanilla


1. Heat a pan to a very high heat and spray with 1 cal oil spray (I do this for convenience, oil/butter would work just as well)

2. Put the egg whites, mashed banana, cinnamon and vanilla in a hand blender and pulse until the they form a batter.

3. Pour the batter into the heated pan (should be enough to make 3 pancakes)

4. When brown, flip the pancakes and cook through on the other side.

5. Serve with toppings! My favourite are peanut butter, greek yoghurt (not strictly dairy free but lactose-free!) and maple syrup.


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